All about Lusha’s community

Our community members help keep Lusha’s database accurate and up-to-date by sharing their professional network’s contact details in exchange for extra credits or access to premium features.

How Lusha’s community edition works

Once a community user agrees to our Code of Conduct and installs one of Lusha’s products, Lusha will synchronize their business email with our database.

Lusha’s product accesses professional business network contact information such as email headers and signatures to validate and update our data sources into one, accurate, and up-to-date business profile, which is used by Lusha’s customers and community members. Lusha confidentially transfers Community members’ business contacts, removes outdated information, and combines it with our database.

Lusha’s products and services ensure privacy and are designed to collect business contact information only. Before being added to our database, every professional receives a notification with instructions on how to claim, manage, update, or remove their profile, where required by law. 

Information we collect

The type of business contact information that we collect is what you would normally find on a business card or in an email signature. This includes a name, company name, job title, business phone number, and email address.

The majority of information that we collect from Lusha Community members confirms the data we already have in our database for professional purposes and acts as a system of validation and fraud protection.

Information we do not collect

  • We do not process or capture any additional information, other than email signature, in emails that are sent to or received by our Community members.
  • We do not track personal browsing history.
  • We do not look at calendars, meetings, or meeting attendees.
  • We do not collect contact information or a user’s geolocation.

Our privacy practices

  • Before adding any contact data, when applicable by law, each professional receives a notification, with instructions on how to manage, update, delete, or remove their profile.
  • We share with our users the date that their prospect was notified of their existence in our database, when applicable. This allows prospects to answer any questions about how their contact information was obtained.
  • We enable individuals to opt-out of our database easily via a self-removal form.


Lusha’s code of conduct

Our Code of conduct guides the way we collect, verify, and secure data. It is the north star that ensures all data processing is done in a transparent, responsible, and ethical way that supports the public good.

Our global community was designed to enable Lusha to become the most simple and accurate data-enrichment service, thanks to the contribution of our community members’ business contact details.


1. Our ethical principles

  1. Collaboration:
    The community advocates sharing accurate and up-to-date B2B contact information. Lusha takes measures to remove public emails (i.e. Gmail and Yahoo accounts,) and update any outdated information. Community members are expected to do the same, by sharing only B2B contact details and reporting any incorrect information found in Lusha’s database.
  2. Avoid all harm:
    Lusha’s Community has a strict “no harm” policy. This means we do not share any information which may cause harm to others. For example, Lusha will do its utmost to remove phone numbers of any government officials, politicians, or persons that may be targeted by security agencies or terrorist groups – and we expect our community members to do the same.
  3. Honor confidentiality:
    Unless legally required, Lusha will not expose the source of its professional contact information. Our community members are also expected not to disclose professional’s details that are in “stealth mode,” or who would like to remain private.


2. Professional Responsibilities

  1. Professionalism:
    We are committed to always check the laws and legislation regarding the proper usage of information provided to our users, including the proper conduct of sending mass unsolicited emails (SPAM) or conducting mass unsolicited phone calls in any jurisdiction that our users operate in.
  2. Respect privacy:
    The information provided will not be used in any way that violates individual rights. We do not collect business contact details that are not needed and do not retain them for any period longer than necessary.
  3. Fairness:
    Lusha and its community members should comply with any requests to stop using or processing information or even delete business information.


Compliance with the code

Uphold, promote, and respect the principles of the Code.

The future of Lusha’s community depends both on professional and ethical integrity. We believe that Lusha’s Community of B2B professionals should act as an example of the highest code of moral conduct, and adhere to the Code of conduct.

Each community member should encourage and fully support adherence of all B2B professionals, regardless of their membership to Lusha. Lusha members who recognize a breach of the Code of Conduct should swiftly report any such violation to Lusha, which can result in further action and possibly cancel or suspend the membership of any such member.

Data Protection and Data Privacy of Lusha Community Program

Lusha takes the data privacy and security of our organization, our customers, and the customers of our customers with the utmost seriousness.

Lusha is committed to undergo yearly privacy and security audits by independent, third-party auditors, to validate our compliance to internationally recognized standards of security practices. These security measures mean that our customers can feel the utmost confidence in Lusha’s ability to provide proper privacy and security measures.

Lusha has ISO 27001 certification .

Furthermore, Lusha has strict policies in place to ensure that our data and our data collection methods are in full compliance with the latest legislation.

As required by law, Lusha informs individuals of the collection, processing, and sale of certain personal information or personal data, and our robust Privacy Center ensures that users can always claim, manage and remove their professional and/or company profiles found in our database. We are committed to continuously adding new notifications and features to our Privacy Center.

Lusha has an in-house privacy counsel that works alongside top-tier privacy lawyers in various jurisdictions. The legal team is dedicated to providing our users and their customers with excellent support for any questions about compliance with privacy regulations.


* “Lusha” refers to Lusha Systems Inc. and its affiliates, which shall mean subsidiaries, parent companies, joint ventures and other corporate entities under common ownership. We may also refer to Lusha as “we” or “us”.